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Brothers? Us? by Jackie


This story is an orphan – that is, the writer has not been active in the fandom for a long time, and the story has been rescued from the old, defunct Yahoo groups. So that we don’t lose the story entirely, we’re storing it here.

However the original author still owns this story. Should they reconnect with the fandom at some point, we will naturally respect whatever they want to do with their story.


Inauguration challenge – If Johnny and Scott had not first met on the road to Morro Coyo in “High Riders” and discovered they were brothers by Teresa O’Brien’s announcement in Morro Coyo, how and where do you think they would have first met? What would their reaction be learning they were brothers?

Disclaimer: Don’t own anybody or anything. 

Word count: 854

Scott Lancer walked into his new room noting his luggage was already in the room. He sat on his bed to gather his thoughts before washing and dressing for dinner at 6 sharp. What a strange afternoon he thought not at all what he was expecting. His father didn’t seem the least bit excited to see him and his head hurt from the incessant talking of that Teresa girl.

Downstairs Murdoch Lancer was helping himself to a rather large glass of his favourite whisky, he was just enjoying its mellow tastes and the relaxing feeling he always got from his favourite tipple when he heard the hammer of a gun being cocked behind him.

‘Turn round real slow ‘came the soft drawl from behind him.

Murdoch turned to look at the gunman and his breath caught in his throat. ‘Johnny’ he whispered.

‘Yep now I believe you have a $1000 for me, you best move real slow and get it for me’.

Murdoch moved to his desk and got the money which he handed to Johnny who still had his gun trained on him. ‘So you’ve got an hour of my time start talking old man’.

Murdoch looked over to the drinks and raised his eyebrows in question, Johnny just shook his head.

‘Its hard to talk with a gun pointed at you said Murdoch, ‘do you really need it?’

‘Not till the hour is up replied Johnny.

What happens then asked Murdoch.

I pull the trigger said Johnny with a smirk.

Why son? Murdoch.

Son, don’t you dare call me son you b******d shouted Johnny. 

Upstairs Scott heard a commotion and crept down the stairs grasping his derringer tightly in his hand. As he crept round the corner he saw a Mexican holding a gun on Murdoch. Thinking the gunman hadn’t heard him he started to take aim when he suddenly heard ‘No’ from behind him followed by Teresa flying into him knocking him off balance. Johnny whirled around taking aim and was just about to pull the trigger when he heard Murdoch shout ‘no Johnny he’s your brother’. 

Johnny stopped in his tracks his eyes wide, thinking this was the reason his mother and he had been thrown out so his father could have an all white son, he looked at the man on the floor meeting his eyes and in that second he could see the man was as surprised and shocked as he was.

‘My brother’ said Scott speaking to Murdoch but still looking at Johnny.

‘Yes your younger brother’ said Murdoch, let’s all sit down and talk.

Don’t want to sit down said Johnny and you’re running out of time old man; you’ve now got 30 minutes left. 

What’s happening in 30 minutes said Scott.

Johnny is going to kill me said Murdoch.

Well that’s just great said Scott, I wait 24 years to meet my father just to be in time to go to his funeral and watch my newly discovered brother hang for it.

What do you mean 24 years said Johnny, didn’t you grow up here?

No I grew up in Boston said Scott.

He kick you out too then? said Johnny.

NO, I did not kick anybody out said Murdoch. Scott was stolen from me by his Grandfather and you by your mother. I have spent the last 20 years searching for you Johnny.

Stop lying Old Man shouted Johnny.

Its true Johnny said Teresa.

And who are you my long lost sister said Johnny.

No she is my ward Teresa said Murdoch.

Just at that moment Maria came into the room carrying coffee on a tray to be met by the site of Johnny holding a gun on Murdoch. The tray fell from her hands and she rushed across the room ignoring Johnny’s gun to grasp him in a huge hug speaking rapidly in Spanish thanking God for the safe return of Johnny and how happy his father would be now Johnny had returned home. 

When Johnny managed to extricate himself from her bosom he turned to Murdoch and dejectedly asked my grandmother?

No Johnny but Maria was here when you were born and like me has waited for you to return home for a long time.

Scott had by this time edged closer to Murdoch, Johnny and Maria and was holding his hand out to Johnny. If you don’t mind brother I prefer to shake hands rather than hug.

I give up said Johnny it’s a madhouse.

Quite said Scott how about we all have a drink and sit down while we find out who we all are.

Why should I? said Johnny.

Because said Scott we are brothers and I would like to get to know you. 



Jackie Kay
21st October 2009



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  1. This was another good way to meet each other.

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  2. nice


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