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Drabble -House Call by Christine

This story is an orphan – that is, the writer has not been active in the fandom for a long time, and the story has been rescued from the old, defunct Yahoo groups. So that we don’t lose the story entirely, we’re storing it here.

However the original author still owns this story. Should they reconnect with the fandom at some point, we will naturally respect whatever they want to do with their story.


Murdoch looked up at the sound of footsteps, a question in his eyes.

“He’ll be fine, his brother’s sitting with him. Keep him in bed for as long as you can, then, well you know how he is.”

Murdoch sighed as he poured hot coffee and handed it to the doctor. “I don’t know what we’d do without you Sam.”

Sam sat wearily on the chair by Murdoch’s desk and sipped the coffee, looking up with a smile. “Murdoch, with your sons it’s a good thing that all I ever wanted was to be good at my trade.”



Thank you for reading! The authors listed on this site spend many hours writing stories for your enjoyment, and their only reward is the feedback you leave. So please take a moment to leave a comment. You can do so using the ‘reply’ box below.

Sadly, we can’t pass the comment on to the author, as we don’t have a current email address. Don’t let that stop you commenting! If the author reconnects with the fandom in the future, she will see how much her work is appreciated.


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