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A Gift from Nogales by Juanita

This story is an orphan – that is, the writer has not been active in the fandom for a long time, and the story has been rescued from the old, defunct Yahoo groups. So that we don’t lose the story entirely, we’re storing it here.

However the original author still owns this story. Should they reconnect with the fandom at some point, we will naturally respect whatever they want to do with their story.

Word Count 1,927

Warning: Proceed with caution If you don’t like to see anyone in sexual situations, read another tale


December 19th  – Spanish Wells.

Murdoch was in a bad mood. He wanted to be home on this special day.

They only had a few miles to go, but the snowstorm had forced them to stop and check in to the boarding house.

“Don’t worry!” Johnny said, while he and Murdoch took the horses to the livery. “Maybe the storm will be over this afternoon.”

Scott, who was cold to the bones, had already vanished into the bathhouse.

“Meanwhile, I will manage a nice surprise for him,” Johnny promised good-humouredly. “Wanna see ol’ Boston happy on his birthday.” He gave his father a wink. “Ramón, Frank! Come on, let’s see what we can do.”

He nudged the two young ranchhands toward the stable door. “See ya!” 

* * *

After they enjoyed a complete Mexican meal Johnny had arranged for them all, Murdoch stood up. “I’m going to rest now, boys,” he declared, knowing his youngest had dealt with another gift for his brother. “I’ll come along later. And …” he paused, “… don’t overdo it!”

Grinning impishly, Johnny waited until he was upstairs. “Feeling better now?” he asked his brother.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Uhm …,” Johnny murmured, giving the two hands a wink. “What about coming along upstairs with me ta see yer birthday gift?”

“Uh!“ Scott rubbed his belly. “Get it down here, brother!”


Frank threw a glance at his Mexican friend. “Maybe he’s too full to make it up the stairs?” 

“I hope not, amigo,” Ramón stated. “Would be too bad.”

“Okay, okay!” Scott sighed and was on his way, followed by his younger brother who suddenly grabbed his arm.

“Just wait a minute!” Johnny stopped him in front of  the door to their room. He untied the red bandana around his brother’s neck, folded it together and started to blindfold him.

“Uh, Johnny,” Scott chuckled. “You’re joking now, huh?”

“Nope!” He opened the door and pushed him through. “I want ya ta see without ya eyes open.”

“Johnny wait!” All of a sudden, he felt his hands gently taken into another pair of soft warm hands. “What’s this?”

“Now, what d’ya think it is, huh?” Johnny whispered behind him.

“Oh, no!” Scott gasped, feeling the softness of these hands on his. “You can’t do that.”

“Yeah, I can,” Johnny laughed lowly. “And sure, ya can make it, man!“

Then he was outside. “And … take yer time!” he added, closing the door quietly.

* * *

Scott stood still, waiting. Then he felt her hands stroke their way up to his breast, starting to unbutton his shirt.

“Hey!” Grabbing her arms, he found they were naked, skin as soft as silk. He swallowed hard. “Shouldn’t we remove that blindfold?”

“No, querido,” she rejected, touching his lips charily with two fingers. “Later. And now, … shhh,”  she whispered, as she continued unbuttoning his shirt and stripping it down his shoulders.

An alluring smell enclosed him, reminding him of the white blossoms of the thorn apple. What a temptation, he thought and raised his hands to find her long hair. Gently, he brushed down the flowing silkiness to her slender hips, exploring her soft body, while her hands trailed down to his waist. Her lips grazed his own in a way he couldn’t help pulling her close to him and kissing the wet softness.

Skillfully, she undid the leather strap that tied his gun holster to his right thigh. He helped her unbuckle his rig and drop it to the floor. He took off his boots and socks and together they moved to his belt and waistband. His tight pants fell quickly down to his ankles. He shook himself out of them and left them in a huddle on the floor.

As a reward, she kissed down his neck and chest, her tongue flickering across his nipples like butterfly wings. Her tongue slid down over his flat, muscular stomach, encircling his belly button and lower, trailing down the narrow line of soft blond hair, while she firmly gripped his tight buttocks.

God, her touches had such an effect on his body. His breathing deepened, his heart beating against his ribs like thundering hooves. He ran his hands through her hair, shivering in anticipation.

“You want me, cowboy?” she whispered huskily.

“Yeah!” he gasped, reaching out for her hot body. Then he pulled her up into an affectionate embrace. “But not standing here.”

“Oh, si!” she laughed softly. Carefully, she guided him toward the bed, pushing him down onto the mattress.

He drew her on top of him, holding her face between his hands, kissing her deeply until she slightly pulled away, breathlessly. “Tell me your name, honey,” he begged, kissing her again.

“Conchita,” she breathed in his mouth, causing a surprised smile on his face.

“I want to see you!” His voice was smoky with fierce desire and he stroked down her back, yearning for a glance at her. Yearning to make love to her. “Please!”

“Lo siento,” she whispered. “Later on.” Gently, she parted his lean legs and disentangled herself from his embrace, sliding down between them with a sinuous move. “Lie still, mi corazón!” Her hot tongue slipped along his inner thighs, passionately caressing his skin.

He moaned with pleasure. His entire body shivered, as she brought herself up, her hot breath breezing across his manhood. His abdominal muscles twitched uncontrollably. “You are killing me,” he groaned, reaching out for her. But all of a sudden his mouth was sealed by a deep kiss. And it wasn’t Conchita. Of that he was sure.

His blindfold was shed carefully and he looked into beautiful chestnut brown eyes. 

“Happy birthday, cowboy!” the girl purred. Running her fingers through his ash-blond hair, she pressed herself firmly against his excited body.

“And I’m Simona!”

* * *

Two hours later, Scott slowly sauntered downstairs, shirt open upon his chest. Sighing heavily, he plopped himself on the chair and blissfully looked at his younger sibling.

“Anything else I can do for ya, brother?”

“Yes,” Scott panted. “A cool beer and a good shot of tequila!” 

“I guessed so!” Johnny laughed hilariously, eying the damp strands on his brother’s neck and the soft red hue on his bare chest. “Cheers!”

They drank a toast to Scott, laughing high-spiritedly.

“Gentlemen!” a voice suddenly said.

They looked up to see their father coming down the stairs. The Lancer patriarch fetched a beer from the bar and took a seat between his sons. “And …,” he curiously asked his youngest. “Did he like his surprise?”

“¡Si!” Johnny nodded. “He didn’t complain about anything.”

“Good. Just let me take a look at it, too,” Murdoch called.

First, Scott stiffened. Then he threw a devilish grin at his brother. “Upstairs,” he said, handing the key over to his father. “Room seven.”

“Back in a minute,” Murdoch assured and headed toward the stairs.

Scott looked at Johnny, opened his mouth and almost shouted for his father to stop.

“Let him,” Johnny calmed him down, noticing the tension in his brother’s body. “Maybe, he’ll take a fancy to.”

“Don’t guess so. I think you’ve gotten yourself in hot water, brother!”

“D’ya think so?”

“He’s likely to have your head!”

“Or your’s!” Johnny grinned. “So, take heart!”

“Oh, brother!” Scott gasped, rocking his head back and forth. “I don’t understand how you can stay so laid back sometimes.”

“Practice,” Johnny smiled softly.

“Think he’d like to have your third back, brother!”

“Naah!” Johnny drawled. “He’s a man too, isn’t he?”

“Let’s hope for the best.” Scott gulped another shot of tequila, waiting for the worst.

Their wait wasn’t long.

“Very nice!” Murdoch exulted from above. Taking two steps at the time, he headed downstairs. “That’s what I’d call a nice surprise.” He took his seat between his sons again and drained his glass in one go. “The sight alone,” he raved. “Beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Johnny nodded his agreement, then sipped his beer.

“And very pliable,” Murdoch added. 

Johnny snorted in his drink, splashing it all over.

The two ranchhands threw knowing glances to each other, chuckling. Ramón, the young vaquero, started laughing, his eyes wet with tears.

“Slowly, son!” His father clapped a hand on his back. “Mexican?”

“¡Si!” Johnny grinned, beer froth on his upper lip. “Both.”

“Where from?“


“Awfully pretty, I’d say,” Murdoch smiled. “And a good match.”

“Yep!” Johnny chuckled, dropping his head not to face his Ol’ Man’s look.

Now, Ramón had some difficulties trying not to fall from his chair, holding his belly and roaring with laughter. Frank peered hard at his beer, snickering quietly.

 “And you, my son?” Murdoch laughed lowly, squeezing the upper arm of his oldest. “You enjoyed them?”

“Umm …“ Scott rolled his eyes. “Yes, Sir. I was just …” He cleared his throat. “… highly pleased!” 

“Your brother has good taste, hasn’t he?”

Scott took a deep breath, raising his eyebrows. “I can tell you!” he conceded. What had gotten into his father? Either he’d ever underestimated Murdoch in this case or he was just dead drunk. Too drunk to notice any underlying irritation from him. Uh, what the heck, he thought, now beaming all over his face. He’d has a great rendezvous!

“Okay, boys! Seems, the storm is over,” he heard Murdoch say. “Let’s get home. We should be there before sundown.” His father darted a glance at Frank and Ramón, who’d became more calm now, wondering why they’d been so beside themselves  with joy.  “We three are going to saddle the horses. You two go pack your bags and join us at the livery.”

* * *

Scott waited until they left the boarding house and stood up.

Johnny was by his side, his arm around his shoulders, dragging him toward the stairs.

“You heard what he said, Johnny?” he snickered, making his way upstairs.

“Yep!” He grinned, following close to his brother, who was swaying a bit.

“Said beautiful,” Scott giggled. “And … very pliable.”

Now he split his sides laughing. „Pliable … uuuh!”

As he entered their room, his laughter ebbed away. He stopped cold in his tracks and found himself looking at the Mexican styled bridle and reins which were set out on the white sheet of his bed.

“Brother, no!” he whispered out of breath. Silently, he reached out and ran his hand across the beautiful silver bit. Then he touched the soft fawn leather, which was embroidered and decorated with colored beads.

“Ya like it?” Johnny leant in the doorframe, smiling.

“It’s beautiful, brother,” he sighed and turned to face him.

“Yeah,” Johnny chuckled. “And … pliable.”

Scott looked at the pillow, where he saw his looped bandana and couldn’t help laughing. “You know what, man?” He took a quick step in his direction, grabbing him into a gentle headlock. “You are a devil!” Then he tousled his little brother’s raven hair.

* * *

Murdoch was riding ahead. Escorted by Frank and Ramón, he rode at a moderate pace, enjoying the peaceful surroundings after the snowstorm had passed. He took a short glance over his shoulder, reassuring himself his sons had joined up and were close behind. Suddenly, he heard his younger son starting a song.

Blood was running hot through my veins

‘Cause I was pleased with some beautiful reins

Laughing, Scott threw his head back, still swaying slightly in the saddle. He gave Johnny an impish wink, reached out for him and slapped his shoulder. Then started singing with him, in unison.

Come a-ti-yi youpy, youpy-yeah, youpy-yeah

Come a-ti-yi youpy, youpy-yeah

The End

February, 2009



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